Gold-, Silver- and Clock Museum

The museum in Schoonhoven, the Silvertown, that accommodated a flourishing silver- and gold industry from the Middle Ages, exhibits both contemporary and old objects of precious metals. There is a collection of Dutch silver, among which some rare pieces have been made in Schoonhoven. Candlesticks, coffee- and tea sets, boxes, cutlery, plates and other objects can be admired, all in different styles and from the Middle Ages onwards, although with a focus on objects after the seventeenth century and contemporary art. The museum also displays a small, but splendid collection of gold objects, such as jewels, perfume bottles and precious small boxes. The tools and instruments with which the smiths used to work are shown as well. The Clockroom shows foreign and Dutch clocks from the seventeenth century onwards. Special exhibitions are being organized on a regular basis, providing insight into the developments of the different crafts. Besides, numerous workshops and galeries of silver- and gold smiths and the recently re-estabished medieval guild St. Eloy make Schoonhoven an open air silver museum.

Museum: Gold-, Silver- and Clock Museum
City: Schoonhoven
Country: Netherlands
Address: Kazerneplein 4