The complex of historic interiors includes a set of rooms representing different periods and a covered courtyard. Most of the interiors were salvaged from houses which were being demolished. The modern art collection provides a varied overview of developments in the fine arts since the early 19th century. Dutch artists are flanked by works by leading foreign artists, including Picasso and Monet, plus an extensive collection of German Expressionist pieces. This helps to place Dutch examples of the Realist and Symbolist schools and the De Stijl movement in an international context. As a whole, the collection traces the thrilling story of modern art – right through to today. VOC silverware, Delft pottery, Hague Rozenburg porcelain and Venetian glass are exhibited in historic interiors. The museum’s collection includes a large collection of drawings, prints and posters, fashion items and music collection.

Museum: Gemeentemuseum
City: The Hague
Country: Netherlands
Address: Stadhouderslaan 41