Gallo-Roman Museum of Fourviere

The Roman Museum is completely integrated into the site of ancient Lugdunum (Lyon) and the main entrance is almost invisible from the exterior. During Antiquity, Lugdunum did not rank as the capital of Gaul. Administratively speaking, it was no more than the capital of the province Narbonnensis. It was the largest city in Gaul, however – an economic and religious metropolis. Founded on Fourvière Hill in 43 B.C., Lugdunum had expanded to nearly 750 acres in the second century A.D. On Fourvière Hill, the location of the present museum, stood the Theatre, the Odeon, and the Forum, which was situated at the Hill’s highest point, where the Basilica is currently located. The museum shows Lugdunum as it used to be, among others the magnificent The Odeon Pavement, Constructed with the Empire’s most beautiful marble, altars, ceramics, statutes, replica’s of the ancient theatre, forum, basilica, odeon, markets and housing.

Museum: Gallo-Roman Museum of Fourviere
City: Lyon
Country: France
Address: 17 rue Cléberg