Gallo-Roman Museum Bibracte

Bibracte was founded in the late 2nd century BC on the summit of Mont Beuvray by the Celtic or Gallic Aedui tribe, who made it their capital. This fortified town – called an oppidum by Caesar – which was occupied for a century, is one of the most typical and best preserved of its kind, with ramparts and districts spanning 200 hectares. It is also a site of national memory, where Julius Caesar stayed after his victory at Alesia in 52 BC and where he beat the Helvetian and Raurician tribes in 58 BC. The town of Bibracte laid abandoned for two millennia, but has been brought back to life by an archaeological site and Gallo-Roman museum. 





Museum: Gallo-Roman Museum Bibracte
City: Saint-Léger-sous-Beuvray
Country: France
Address: Mont Beuvray