Fries Museum

The Fries Museum collection tells the stories of the Province of Friesland and its inhabitants. The objects range from archaeological finds to modern art, from the medieval fighter Grutte Pier’s sword and one of Mata Hari’s brassieres to paintings by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema and Gerrit Benner. Friesland’s art, culture and history are brought to life in the Fries Museum. The artworks include the series of six paintings called ‘De Pipenpoyse Bruiloft’ (‘The Pipenpoyse Wedding’). These paintings are actually the very first document of a wedding in Friesland, and in the Netherlands. They portray guests dancing and dining at the marriage of Eraert van Pipenpoy and Jel van Liauckema in Sexbierum. An important historical document of a large Frisian wedding 400 years ago.

Museum: Fries Museum
City: Leeuwarden
Country: Netherlands
Address: Wilhelminaplein 92