Fluxus Museum

The Fluxus+ museum (museum FLUXUS+) is dedicated to the art movement Fluxus. Fluxus describes a transition in which art flows into everyday life, and also refers to the impermanence of all objects. The way that Fluxus art transcended genres makes the artworks very diverse and divergent. Some are the remains and traces of staged events never intended for a museum or exhibition context but represented here in the museum by smashed musical instruments, documents or paper flyers. However, the display also includes spoons, rubber stamps, cardboard sculptures and musical scores that were intentionally created as artworks in the usual sense. Audio and visual recordings of historical events provide an insight into bygone manifestations of this artform, often highly controversial at the time.

Museum: Fluxus Museum
City: Potsdam
Country: Germany
Address: Schiffbauergasse 4f
Website: http://www.fluxus-plus.de