Episcopal Cathedral and Diocesan Museum

The permanent collection of the Museum (Dom- und Diözesanmuseum) comprises sacral works from two millennia of Christian art. The inventory of the museum includes unique artefacts from Mainz cathedral as well as the whole diocese. In succession of early, high and late medieval rooms the ecclesiastical artefacts are presented in a worthy context as well as in a chronological appropriate surrounding. Besides the collection of Early and High middle ages stone sculptures the gothic arches halls houses several unique sculptures from the gothic period – the famous fragments of the former rood screen (around 1240) created by the so called Naumburger Meister show the `Last Judgement´ at the end of time and is a testimony of the height of the archdiocese during the gothic period. The upper storey gives a great impression with a triumphal, six-metre-high crucifixion group (1519) from the workshop of Hans Backoffen. About 60 masterpieces of the late middle and modern ages are shown. Among these must be specially mentioned the paintings by the Cranach workshop, a valuable revolving tabernacle by Abraham Roentgen or the Frauenlob monument by Ludwig Michael Schwanthaler. In the late gothic atmosphere of the St. Nicholas Chapel (15th century) the cathedral treasure vault shines with liturgical equipment of ten centuries.

Museum: Episcopal Cathedral and Diocesan Museum
City: Mainz
Country: Germany
Address: Domstraße 3
Website: http://www.dommuseum-mainz.de