De Nieuwe Kerk

The New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) in Amsterdam is famous for its much talked-about exhibitions. With hundred thousands of visitors every year, the church is one of the most attended exhibition locations in the Netherlands.The large-scale exhibitions on treasures from other countries, cultures and religions are a household term to many people. The monumental church building is well worth visiting. The church is also known as the place where the coronation of the Head of State andf royal weddings take place. The New Church has stood in Dam square for six centuries. The first mass was held there on 18 May 1410. First the Catholics came, then the Protestants and since 1980 everyone has been welcome. For the past 30 years the building has served as a cultural centre, where concerts and exhibitions are held as well as church services. Religion and art have gone together for centuries.

Museum: De Nieuwe Kerk
City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
Address: De Dam