De Lakenhal

Since 1874 the Municipal Museum has been housed in the Lakenhal, the former clothmakers’ hall built in 1640. The Lakenhal is a museum of typical Dutch urban culture from the 16th century to the present. Visitors can admire the fine collections of (Leiden) silver, engraved glass, pewter and tiles; and paintings by famous Leiden artists of the16th century such as Cornelis Engebrechtsz. and Lucas van Leyden. The 17th century is represented by the young Rembrandt and Lievens, David Bailly, Jan Steen, Gerard Dou and the Leiden ‘Precise School’ of painters, including the Van Mieris family and many others. The Lakenhal’s own collection of Dutch landscapists (Van Goyen, Porcellis and others) is enhanced by an important collection on loan. The 18th century is presented in rooms furnished in the style of the period. Then comes work by artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. The museum regularly organizes exhibitions of classical and modern art and on historical themes of topical interest.

Museum: De Lakenhal
City: Leiden
Country: Netherlands
Address: Oude Singel 28-32