De Great Church

The Great Church (Grote Kerk) in Breda became a collegiate church in 1303. From then the Church was governed by a chapter, consisting of eight and later of twelve or thirteen canons. The Church became the dynastic church of the Van Polanen and Nassau family. Various late medieval tombs and splendid Renaissance-Gothic tombs bare witness of this destination. The Church was reconstructed after 1457 in the Brabant Gothic style, covered with natural stone. Quite a number of monuments, wall paintings, the Annunciation (hidden behind a layer of whitewash since 1566, restored in 1998), vault paintings by Tomasso Vincidor, the Triptych by Jan van Scorel, the choir and the side chapels, the epitaph van Assendelft and other works of art are open to the public, displaying splendid late medieval and Renaissance-Gothic of art that have a history to tell. The picture shows the monument of Engelbrecht I, his wife Johanna van Polanen, their son Jan IV of Nassau and his wife Maria van Loon. The monuments dates from 1515.

Museum: De Great Church
City: Breda
Country: Netherlands
Address: kerkplein 2