Church Museum Jannum

Today’s church museum was build in the twelfth century, as can be seen from the use of tuff, a volcanic stone from the Eiffel Mountains in Germany within the romanogotic style, characterised by round and pointed archs and ornamental masonery at the outside. The wall at the west side is decorated by pilaster strips in between two roud arched and well-decorated windows. At the top of the wall is the belfry with the bell from 1489. As from the fourties of last century the church is in use as museum, showing many items, found during excavation of the mounds in Fryslân (the North of The Netherlands), such as sarcophages, altar stones, ornaments and other artefacts. The mound (a “terp” in Dutch) is a typical characteristic feature of the Friesian coast. These mounds, which can be described as hand-made hills, protected the people and their cattle against flooding caused by the high tides.

Museum: Church Museum Jannum
City: Jannum
Country: Netherlands
Address: Kerkstraat 4