Cecilienhof Palace

The Cecilienhof Palace in the New Garden in Potsdam was the last of the many palaces built by the Hohenzollern dynasty. The last German emperor, William II (Wilhelm II) abdicated in 1918. The palace was built between 1913 and 1917 as the residence of the crown prince and his wife Cecilie of Mecklenburg –Schwerin, after whom the palace is named. The crown prince, who was once described as “half British, half sportsman, lived there until 1945, when they fled the approaching Red Army. The palace is rather a simple country manor than a princely residence, lacking any sign of courtly magnificence. The palace is known above all for being the venue of the Potsdam conference in summer 1945. The events that took place here in this summer are commemorated by a permanent exhibition, including the preceding years.

Museum: Cecilienhof Palace
City: Potsdam
Country: Germany
Address: Im Neuen Garten
Website: http://www.spsg.de