Cathedral Aachen

The Cathedral Treasury houses one of Europe’s most renowned church treasures, a unique collection of precious works of art from the histiry of Aachen’s Cathedral. The Treasury contains religious art dating from the late classical, Carolingian, Ottonian, Staufian and Gothic periods, with most of the objects here representing the greatest art of their time. Some exhibits go back to royal donators, others emphasise the importance of the Royal Church of St. Mary in a European context as a pilgrimage church and as the burial place of Charlemagne. More than a hundred magnificent pieces of art are on show, grouped in five topics: The Cathedral as church of Charlemagne, the Liturgy, the Coronation Church, the Aachen relics and pligrimage and the Cathedral as church of St. Mary.

Museum: Cathedral Aachen
City: Aachen
Country: Germany
Address: Klosterplatz 2