Capodimonte Museum

Capodimonte is the epicentre of the various exhibitions and other initiatives around which the entire project revolves. On display here, organized chronologically and/or by subject and genre, is a selection of works from the greatest painters from the early seventeenth to the mid-eighteenth century, some having chosen the path of Caravaggesque naturalism (from Battistello Caracciolo to Jusepe de Ribera), others working in a more classical vein (from Massimo Stanzione to Andrea Vaccaro), others in a Baroque key (from Mattia Preti and Luca Giordano to Francesco Solimena and Paolo de Matteis), and others still paving the way for the refinement of Rococo (from Domenico Antonio Vaccaro and Giacomo del Po to Filippo Falciatore, Francesco De Mura and Giuseppe Bonito). Also at Capodimonte are exhibited drawings by the most famous Neapolitan painters of the Baroque era, some from public collections in the city and others, many unpublished or never exhibited in Naples, on loan from museums and private collections in Italy and abroad.

Museum: Capodimonte Museum
City: Naples
Country: Italy
Address: Via Miano, 2