Archaeological Museum Varese

The museum (Museo Civico Archeologico)  has a rich archaeological collection that ranges from Prehistory to the Early Middle Ages. It has, in fact, an ancient tradition that is closely tied to its own territory, to the history with some of the most ancient Neolithic relics in North West Italy. As for Protohistory, the Golasecca Culture and the collection of Malpensa Bronzes are represented. The Roman section offers material from the region of Varese that attests to the progressive assimilation of the local cisalpine populations, customs and the political-administrative and social organisation in the Roman world, with artefacts coming almost entirely from necropolises. For the first time the exceptional collection of relics from the tomb of Mercallo dei Sassi and those from the Rasa di Velate necropolises will be brought together and on view to the public. On the ground floor is the epigraphic display.

Museum: Archaeological Museum Varese
City: Varese
Country: Italy
Address: Piazza della Motta 4