Archaeological Museum

The former Benedictine abbey of Saint-Bénigne houses the archeological museum of Dijon, with collections come from all over the Côte-d’Or and Burgundy. The collections are in display in the main wing of the former abbey from the eleventh century and the dormitory of the thirteenth century. Gallo-Roman, Merovingian, Carolingian, Romanesque, Gothic and a rich collection of the dukes are on display. Busts of Claus Sluter, ex-votos of pilgrims, oculars, fibulas and staters have found their way into the museum. The rich heritage of the region, covering the heydays of Cluny as well, is well documented and made accessible in the abbey.

Museum: Archaeological Museum
City: Dijon
Country: France
Address: 5 rue docteur Mare