Archaeological Museum Arsago

The Museum (Museum Civico Archeologico di Arsago) displays archaeological finds from excavations led in three galleries. These allow us to follow the settling of Arsago and its territory from prehistory to the Visconti. From the antique settlement of Arsago Seprio comes evidence dating from the Final Bronze Age; in this area could be found populations of the Celtic branch of the Insubres who underwent from the 2nd century B.C. a slow but constant process of assimilation with Rome that, during the Age of Augustus, caused it to adopt Roman habits and customs. The villagecontinued to flourish until Late Antiquity; probably already in the Early Christian era it was the chief parish with its Baptistery, belonging to the church dedicated to S.Vittore. In the 7th century B.C. a solid nucleus of Longobards settled here that consisted of warriors and knights, with their families. In the Late Middle Ages Arsago became part of the Visconti Seigniory.

Museum: Archaeological Museum Arsago
City: Arsago Seprio
Country: Italy
Address: Viale Vanoni, 20