The European Untouchables

Portrait of Samuel Pufendorf (1632-1694), unknown artist. His father was also a Lutheran pastor in present-day East Germany. He wrote down the principle of pacta sunt servanda in De Jure Naturae Et Gentium (Law of Nature and Nations), 1688, Photo: Wikipedia.

The recent EU-summit was business as usual, opportunism, pacta non sunt servanda, lawlessness and above all the self-proclaimed Great Europeans on stage. Why bother about the appointment of a friend of Mrs Merkel to head the corrupt European Commission and another French politician to govern the lawless ECB? The ‘Spitzenkandidat’ was neither the outcome of a democratic process, nor were there any competitors within the brotherhood of (imagined) European political families. They were just ambitious eurocrats chosen by other eurocrats without any competitors or preliminaries. They have appointed themselves. It is also evident that two Germans (Von der Leyen and Selmayr) at the top of the bureaucratic hierarchy is impossible, although the sky is the European limit when it concerns ‘unconventional situations and measures’ (the euphemisms for illegal and unlawful) at EU-level.

Merkel even regarded Von der Leyen unqualified to succeed her, and Von der Leyen mismanaged the German Ministry of Defence (corruption charges are pending as well, but who cares). Von der Leyen needed a job, however, and Merkel needed a CDU-politician. And she is a woman. The absence of critical and investigative European journalism is as remarkable, as dangerous, contrary to America.  The EU is a holy relic, and the Great Europeans are untouchables.

The most worrying outcome is the new president of the ECB, however. A French politician and even the second French president after Trichet is bizarre, in particular after Draghi has transformed the ECB into an Italian central bank. Lagarde has not just been found guilty on the criminal charge of negligence in a corruption case (the French Judge was mild after the Strauss Kahn debacle) but is well known for her policy: the total transfer union, free money for southern Euro-countries and France First (like Macron).

And what about another sudden change of policy by the European Commission? The European Commission, governed by the German powerbroker Selmayr (appointed by coup d’ état) halts the proceedings against Italy, although substantial reforms are lacking and the state debts keep on exploding. It is precisely the same pattern as in December 2018: Italy promises, on paper, some minor and artificial budgetary improvements, but does not implement them. That is the lawless European Union. Italy likely blackmailed the EU with a veto against Von der Leyen otherwise. The same bloc intimidates, blackmails and threatens Switzerland, however. The Swiss crime: democracy, the best economy, the best education and university of Europe, the best infrastructure (without the notoriously corrupt EU-funds) and the best asylum- and integration system.

The real legacy of the German Chancellor Merkel is the lawlessness in the centres of many German cities, urban decay and impoverishment throughout the country and systematic ignorance of European and international treaties and obligations, not to mention the terrible situation of refugees in Turkey, Greece and camps of African warlords, financed and supported by the EU. The illegal German toll system, Dieselgate and the protection of the (criminal) German car industry, the ignorance and negligence of ‘Dublin’, the systematic breach of euro rules (to please France, Spain and Italy through the illegal and criminal money printing scheme and interest policy of the ECB) are just a few other examples. The opportunistic ‘Energiewende’, the hazardous, reckless and anti-Polish Nordstream project, the lack of will and courage to reform the EU (agricultural) subsidy system, the open door policy (for organized crime), the ‘French’ European Commission, the wandering European’ parliament’, the numerous useless EU-institutions, centres of information (offices of propaganda) can be added as well.

Samuel Pufendorf (1632-1694) was indeed a (Great) European, however, working and studying all over Europe, long before the EU came into existence, like trading, working, studying and travelling abroad are centuries old European facts. His father was also a Lutheran pastor in a city in East-Germany, like the father of Merkel, but Pufendorf never accepted the dogmatism of the theological university in his days, contrary to former communist Merkel, who still rules by dogmatic points of view. Pufendorf wrote down the principles of international law and the old Roman law of pacta sunt servanda, a contradictio in terminis for Merkel and the EU. Merkel wrote the dogmata of ‘alternativlos’ and the total European Union.

German citizens are for obvious reasons not keen on political experiments. But sticking to a politician (in particular the German newspapers Die Welt and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)  who not only betrays the principles of her own political party, but who also systematically ignores, neglects and frustrates (European and German) laws and provokes other EU-countries (except France) by unilateral decisions is hazardous, dangerous and lawless and leads to (political) extremism.

Merkel is not a Great European, nor a great politician, but a mediocre dogmatic technocrat with a communist past, functioning within a German political system of apparatchiks and political party bureaucrats. It also characterizes her German policy: lack of reforms, stagnation and opportunism. Merkel (like her Dutch footman Rutte) wants her place as Great European, however, whatever the democratic, financial, moral, social and legal costs.  German and other European citizens face a democratic, monetary, social and economic Verelendung on their continent by the Merkel, Draghi and soon Lagarde show. Lets party with free money, lets support the Ayatollahs, Russia and African warlords, abolish the democratic nation states and, above all, picture Brexiteers and America as the enemies and the Eurocommunists as the good guys.