The Dutch Fake Parliament and Fake Journalism

Dutch Parliament in action. Photo: Wikipedia.

The fact that members of the Dutch parliament leave the assembly hall to prevent voting for an unwanted law is only a symptom of the systematic breach of duty and deceit by (too) many members of this House. Almost a quarter of the members of this parliament (although elected for four years) have already found a lucrative job elsewhere.

The Netherlands is not a democracy, but an oligarchy of activists/ journalists, politicians and bureaucrats and their networks. Lucrative (EU) allowances and jobs, hereditary jobs within the media and close relationships between members of this oligarchy and ministries, a few multinationals and (European and international) organisations are the stages of their activities.

A recent example is the ‘historic summit of the EU’ last July. The first thing the Italian Prime Minister proclaimed afterwards was that taxes would be lowered. France ‘postponed’ pension reforms, if any, for at least a year. In the Netherlands, there is no money for the healthcare system, police, education, defence, social housing or inflation correction for pension systems.

Hundreds of billions have been and are being poured into unreformable EU-countries. The Dutch citizens have no say whatsoever. The referendum has even been abolished by this oligarchy, because this clique did not want to accept the ‘No’ against furter EU-madness in 2005 and 2016, just as members of this fake-parliament do not do what they are being paid for to do: to vote on laws.

The EU is not a theme in elections and afterwards the far reaching decisions are without an alternative. The most wild fantasies and speculations are also circulating about the euro. There will be war and exports will collapse without the euro, so they say. The fact is that the guilder and the euro have collapsed against the Swiss franc since 2002, when the exchange rate was 1 euro/guilder – 1.60 resp. 1.50 Swiss Franc (CHF), almost parity in 2020.

The truth is that the Dutch government has adopted the Italian monetary and economic model. The Dutch Prime Minister is also lying and deceiving his citizens about the EU and the recent ‘historical summit’ , which lays the foundation for the lawless and illegal transfer union. And this is only the beginning of the end of the successful Dutch monetary-economic model.

The American Marshall aid was intended for the material destruction by warfare and reconstruction after 1945. That is not the case now. The gigantic bureaucracies, lack of Industrial innovation, medieval systems of education, sky high debts, systematic corruption and institutionalised organized crime and (mass) unemployment in (too) many EU-member states have nothing to do with Corona or destruction by warfare, but with the permanent situation of these societies.

The EU, the ECB and the Dutch clique do nothing but maintain and finance these systems, for their own jobs, prestige and financial rewards. There is one guarantee, however: corruption will increase, reforms will be absent because of this transfer union. The Show must go on, however, for the few, paid for by the many.

The euro is the biggest financial crime ever. The formal EU-decision to include Turkey, for example, can only come from the phantasies of these self-proclaimed Great Europeans. They must and will lie louder and louder, like the communists have always been doing, until October 1989. The Berlin Wall now consists of the fake parliament and fake journalists in the Netherlands. They are the new Eurocommunists.

Ordinary citizens in the Netherlands do not dare to speak out anymore in this narco state and banana republic with its corruption à la néerlandaise.