NAVO needs a Heavyweight and not the Charlatan and opportunist Mark Rutte

Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516), the Charlatan, Collection Musée Municipal, Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Photo: Wikipedia

The (former) Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, apparently has a good chance of becoming the next Secretary-General of NATO. However, someone other than Rutte is the right person to lead this organisation.

He is a poor and highly nonchalant manager of his government (he has had many in 13 years). He has a lousy record in appointing ministers and EU officials; he has neither led nor governed but mostly reacted, always cowardly and only when he had to.

And he is especially not a source of inspiration, or, in his own words:” I have no vision, then go to the eye doctor”. However, he has an excellent quality: he is a survivor, opportunist, PR manager for his reputation and a great flatterer with those he considers crucial for his position and reputation.

However, in this period, NATO needs a heavyweight, someone like David Cameron, for example, and not a ”Yes Minister” charlatan.

It is bizarre that he claims that he actively supports the US and GB in the Gulf region, with one (1) liaison officer; that is all that remains of the Dutch military and navy after 14 years of his mismanagement, opportunism and cowardness.

In 13 years, he has systematically ignored and brutalised NATO commitments and dismantled the army, air force and fleet. He never showed interest in the Middle East, to present himself there now for opportunistic motives, as he supported Putin until 24 February 2022, despite the invasion of Ukraine and MH17 in 2014. Above all, he has turned the VVD, his party, into a soulless party of opportunists and job hunters.

Rutte is not a statesman. His long premiership mainly concerns the deplorable state of politics, media, education, and the country’s mentality.

After all, the Netherlands is not just a narco-state with a high level of corruption à la néerlandaise, including (highly corrupted) journalism but the country is not a reliable NATO partner at all.

Srebrenica is one of the many wake-up calls of this society; democracy and civil society are in decline, being ruled by activists, their networks and hypes.