European Kitsch

State funeral of Sir Winston Churchilll (1874-1965), London, 30th January 1965. Photo: Wikipedia.

Highly regarded and respected citizens or heads of state sometimes receive a state funeral.  What about a bloc, that is neither a state, nor country, nor has the (legal or political) authority to organize  funerals of national politicians. It happens at EU-level however, just another coup d’etat by eurocrats.

The decision of ‘President’ Juncker to organize a EU- state funeral of Helmuth Kohl is the same kitsch as the Charlemagne Prize for Great Europeans, awarded to and by the same Great Europeans.  Charlemagne (748-814) was a ruthless and murderous Frankish conqueror. He has many cultural merits, but he laid down the political conditions of a divided continent that eventually led to centuries of warfare and World War I in the twentieth century.

Juncker is a sacked PM of Luxembourg, failed ´president´ of the Eurozone, self-proclaimed Christian-Democratic´Spitzenkandidat´without competitors and ´President´ of the European Commission by a few thousand votes, exclusively from Luxembourg citizens.

Is Kohl a Great European, even a European visionary ? It remains to be seen. Kohl was an unpopular German Chancellor in 1989, strongly rooted in his provincial Heimat. At the eve of the fall of communism, an accomplishment of the United States of America in the first place, his changes to win the elections in 1990 looked grim.

The Russian president Gorbatsjov decided not to use military force in 1989, contrary to previous terror and invasions in communist ruled Europe. Kohl took his chance in November 1989, and pleaded for the unification of the two Germany’s, supported by America and, finally, with consent of Russia.

So far so good, but Kohl did a poor job afterwards, giving in to the nationalistic demands of France without any adequate negotiation or consultations of other EU-countries.

The birth of the euro (1991) was the act of an opportunistic provincial German chancellor (and Sir John) and a nationalistic machiavellist French president (Mitterand) rather than a rational decision.

The euro is based on emotion, French nationalism and lack of understanding of Europe and its diversity. Kohl didn´t understand or know France, but lived in  the past, traumatized by the Second War, and he wrongly motivated the euro by war or peace.

He meant war between Germany and France, although there was neither a German corporal, nor a French general dreaming of, let alone considering war. Communism was the European problem and possible casus belli after 1945.

The NATO and America were the guardians of European peace and not the EU, let alone the euro. Juncker, Merkel and the EU don´t mention and ignore these facts however.

Kohl’s lack of understanding of France, let alone other European cultures and history, should have bloody and disastrous consequences in another part of Europe soon afterwards. Kohl completely misjudged the situation on  the Balkans and lived, again, in the past.

Kohl prematurely  recognized Croatia (an old ally of Nazi-Germany), against all warnings of America and Great Britain. France immediately responded by supporting Serbia, her old ally.

The belligerent map of the Balkans was back from never being away. Kohl (and Sir John) is one of the EU-politicians who are to blame of the escalation and the (criminal) passivity of the EU.

America had to intervene in 1995 (and again in 1999). It is not very likely that the overhasty and ambitious enlargement of the EU will be sustainable.

The EU is a motor of corruption in former communist countries, which still have to overcome their totalitarian (moral) damage and tremendous intellectual brain drain since 1939.

Kohl became the Chancellor of a united Germany, but plunged Europe into a monetary, financial and democratic nightmare, handing over power to eurocrats and bankers in London, New York, Frankfurt and Brussels, supported by a few multinationals, the City, Goldman Sachs and the Financial Times, like communism was supported by bureaucrats, state companies and their monopolies, at the expense of most citizens and SME.

They call the euro a success however, like communism had only successtories to tell. That is apparently the reason why communism needed the Wall and terror and the ECB and EU need ´deals´ and illegal ´unconventional´ measures to save their political monetary adventure and open borders.

The Wall of communism and the Comecon are just as wrong and dogmatic as the wide open borders and euro of European Federalists. International Socialism has been replaced by European Federalism. Kohl is hailed for the euro however, like Charlemagne is praised for his ill fated and fatal political ambitions.

There is more to tell about the Great European Kohl, apart from his evident provincialism and wrong analyses and judgements.

Mrs. Merkel protects the German car industry (The European Commission unexpectedly withdrew financial sanctions against the German car industry and replaced them by empty words).

The same story with regard to the evident illegal German toll system: in first instance opposed by the European Commission, and suddenly the green light for this discriminatory system.

The UK implements all EU-legislation and respects the (EU) law, contrary to Germany (and Spain, France and Italy). Merkel contacts the European Commission and France and Italy get away with the most notorious breaches of euro rules and states aid legislation. The political corruption has also reached the IMF and its (illegal) battle of the euro.

The European kitsch of Juncker tells a lot about the European project, based on propaganda, lawlessness, (political) corruption and eurocracy. The euro is a failure, like the unification of Europe by Charlemagne was a failure.

This EU and euro destroy national democracies, economic, social and monetary systems and the rule of law. The British people understand this very well. The eurocrats, their media and national  systems call Brexit a chaos.

They are right. British citizens are indeed divided, but it is called democracy, public debate and politicians in the spotlight.

The EU, Holland and Germany know the democracy of a cemetery and discussions about the EU are simply absent. Failures of the EU don´t lead to selfreflection, but to ever more EU, without alternative, like communism was without alternative (the rulers said).

Those opposing the euro and this EU are being demonized, intimidated and harrased. The establishment systematically deceives and misleads the public and parliament.

Brexit is a pivotal decision by brave people, who prefer sovereignty, free trade, rule of law and good (monetary) governance above eurocracy, protectionism, arbitraireness and institutional EU-corruption.

Kohl had no idea what he did, when he gave away the DM and the Bundesbank to French, Spanish and Italian bankers, eurocrats and politicians. Malta, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Slovakia and the Baltic states have the same voting rights as Germany, the paymaster of Italian, French and Spanish economic mismanagement and outdated economic models.

The Juncker kitsch symbolizes the State of the European Union. A European state funeral of Kohl is the same kitsch as the State of the Union of the ´president´ of the EU, the ´independent´ ECB, EU-military or the European parliament that is neither European, nor a parliament, nor representative, but an applause machine of (overpaid) self-proclaimed Great Europeans. The Eurocrats love their palaces.

Brexit is an authentic democratic process. The EU only knows the self-proclaimed unity of 27 countries by eurocrats and their national networks. It is eurocommunism with a human face.

This EU doesn´t want to reform or only for the worse. The British people instinctively understand the dire and hopeless situation of this EU. The eurocracts and their networks call it emotions, populism and nationalism. The definition is democracy, sovereignty, good governance and rule of law however.