Neville Chamberlain, a Great European in September 1938. Photo: Wikipedia.

The EU is not just socializing debts, incomparable and incompatible systems of education, tax, social welfare, economy or monetary traditions of its member states, they call it European solidarity, brotherhood and for the sake of democracy, the old communist slogans until 1989, they also blackmail, intimidate and threaten democracies, the United Kingdom and Switzerland for example, while supporting the Ayatollah´s, Russia (Nordstream, Council of Europe (no further sanctions, due to German and Dutch economic interests), MH17 (no political action of The Netherlands whatsoever), Turkey and African and Lybian war lords. This club of opportunistic and hypocrite moralists couldn’t care less about the misery in Greek, Turkish or African refugee camps, nor did this bloc take any initiative to put an end to the concentration camps, medieval sieges and mass murder in former Yugoslavia. On the contrary, the Great Europeans Kohl, Mitterand, Sir John and others are highly responsible for years of (criminal) mismanagement and negligence. The Chinese dictatorship deleted the massacre of June 1989, the Great Europeans do exactly the same. The EU never brought peace to western Europe, America and the UK did in 1945, these countries protected this area until 1989 and western Europe could flourish because of the Pax Americana and the American economic concept. There has never been and there wil never be a Pax Europea. This EU is ruled by ruthless crooks such as Selmayr, the nationalist Macron, the opportunist, coward and footman Rutte and Merkel and her ´alternativlos´ politics (Energiewende, euro, unilateral cancellation of ´Dublin´, Nordstream, deals with Ayatollah’s, Erdogan and Lybian war lords). The legacy of president Obama worsens the international situation, his carte blanche for Iran, Russia, China, North-Korea and other dictatorships underlie the present tensions. Obama is the perfect eurocrat.

Media in EU-countries laugh about the democracy and Brexit-discussions in the UK, mainly defined by undemocratic and hysterical Remainers. They should be worried about the lack of democracy, debate, parliamentary and public discussions in and about this EU instead. The appalling and disgusting ´European´ elections were not just a farce, they lack any substance and the only substance was some increase of the turnout of voters, mainly due to free drinks and food at many occasions in The Netherlands (just 41% voted, however), combined elections in Germany and obligatory vote in other countries. The fundament of present-day Europe is the democratic nation state and its fiscal, social welfare systems, culture, language (s), education, centuries old economic and monetary systems and not the new Eurocommunism for and by the few and its one size fits all concept.

The brave Swiss are to be admired and the USA should protect one of the last European democracies against the aggressive Eurocommunists. Europe´s best university is in Switzerland, the best economy is in Switzerland, the best democracy is in Switzerland, the relatively best (and very generous, a. 30 000 people accepted each year in such as small country) asylum- and integration system is in Switzerland, the best transport ways are in Switzerland (Germany and Italy simply breach agreements and neglect obligations with regard to the Gotthard line, the Swiss fulfilled their obligations (without any EU-support, without corruption, one year earlier than planned), the best Central Bank is in Switzerland (the SNB broke with the criminal ECB, however, because of its illegal policy, manipulation of the value of the euro and illegally subsidizing of France, Italy, Greece, Spain and some other countries). Switzerland was the only western country that refused to send a delegation to the birthday of the Führer on 20 April 1939 out of protest against the invasion in March 1939 of what was left of former Czecho-Slovakia after the deal by other Great Europeans in September 1938.

This EU (and its notoriously corrupt mainstream media in most member states)  is a lawless, undemocratic and doomed club of opportunists, dreamers, technocrats and above all without sustainable structures. It is the new Eurocommunism, with a human face for the time being, but getting increasingly aggressive towards non-believers. The US and the UK should liberate the continent once again, the fourth time in a century (after 1914-1918, 1939-1945, 1945-1989).