An Oligarchic Narcostate in the Northsea Region

Blowing not allowed, children´s playground, street in local neighbourhood of ordinary citizens, Amsterdam. Within ten years there will be written: No Shooting. Photo: TES

The Swiss government declared after the referendum (9 February 2014), that the referendum  law must without question take effect, although only 50.3% said yes to stop unrestricted immigration from EU-countries. While there may be a certain flexibility in its application, the government cannot do anything it wants. If the citizen cannot rely on the fact that results of a vote will be taken seriously, one threatens democracy itself. Therefore the initiative must be as literal in its implementation as possible. Thus a revision of the agreement on the EU-freedom of movement will be necessary and thus the Swiss-EU process is full of imponderables. The minister of Justice said ´if we are honest, that we don´t know where we will land´ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 21 June 2014).

The Dutch government (and  hysterical British Remainers) is actually such a threat to democracy. The result of the binding referendum in May 2005, concerning further EU-integration, was simply ignored, although the Dutch Prime Minister had been very clear: the Dutch government will respect the outcome.  After another EU-referendum with a negative outcome in 2016, the establishment abolished the referendum even without referendum, although the law demanded a referendum about abolishing the referendum law. The rubbish basket of failed politicians and bureaucrats, the so-called advisory branch of the Council of State (Raad van State), symbolizes the degenaration and political corruption of the Dutch establishment.  The reasoning is as bizarre and shameful, as typical: citizens are confused and too stupid to understand politics. The establishment is in a hurry, because they are just about to announce the next big European leap forwards, without consulting the people, because EU-issues, nor the introduction of the euro, for example, have never been a topic in national elections and ´European´ elections are not relevant. Wollt ihr die totale Union ? Frau Merkel befehl, wir folgen.

That is exactly what the Dutch supreme court did in 1940-1945 (the brownest supreme court in occupied western Europe), all highest ranking civil servants, most academics and almost all politicians accepted and adopted Nazi-rule.  Politicians of all major parties founded a  collaborating new party, Nederlandsche Unie. No one was held  accountable after the war, one collaborating politician became Prime Minister and not one member of the supreme court was suspended. Resistance  came mainly from workers, middle class and brave ordinary citizens from the very beginning. The citizens who were expected to raise their voice collaborated, were silent or accepted injustice and the most brutal aggression and violation of human rights, just to become very noisy against ordinairy citizens in 2018. Only the tide of fortune changed this situation after 1943. The establishment already followed German orders in 1940-1945 and they still do. It is hardly a surprise that the present generation politicians doesnot take democracy too seriously. A new oligarchy rules the country since the old oligarchy was replaced by the generation ´68,  communist and leftwing journalists, writers, academics, bureaucrats and their friends in politics.

They and their successors, most of them from  humble calvinist or dogmatic catholic families, often rude, always intolerant, are fanatical anti-Israel and anti-America (easy targets, because democracies), accepting or supporting dictatorships in Russia, Iran, North-Korea and their implacable (war) crimes and terrorism all over the globe, supporting authoritarian regimes in Turkey or Cuba and never putting the present European Union into a critical perspective and accepting injustice and (sexual, gender, ethnic) discrimination from another religion in their own country, after having fought catholic and calvinist  dogmatism vehemently, the easy targets.  This establishment has also given away the res publica and public property of Dutch citizens to bankers and eurocrats.

In 2004, the wave of ten new members of the EU should have been accompanied by a thorough reform of this bloc. Nothing happened and there wasnot even the slightest beginning of a reform, on the contrary, thousands of new eurocrats flooded the EU-institutions and new services were established without any reform of the old structures. The same story with regard to the euro, even the most endebted and corrupt monetary systems were allowed to join the eurozone, supervised by a failed ´president (2002-2012), who proclaimed himself ´president´ of the European Commission, although only a few thousand citizens voted for this petit méchant and failed Prime Minister of a Mickey Mouse country. Instead of enforcing existing rules (3% rule, 60% public debts, economic reforms, no bail-out, no eurobonds, no Quantitive Easing), the establishment moves forward without haven taken these obligations seriously. Their concept: more money and more eurocrats.

The establishment in the self-proclaimed legal capital of the world systematically ignores and neglects the (constitutional and European ) law. The same applies to the open borders. Instead of organizing structures first, the establishment prematurely destroyed existing national control mechanisms, leading to uncontrolled (organized) crime and mass immigration, and subsequently dreams of more federal European structures because of this Verelendung. More EU-institutions and more  eurocrats are not the answer, but the cause of this Verelendung. Each failure leads to more EU. Dutch citizens may pay the bill, although the Dutch government has not enough funds to check, monitor and control organized crime in the Netherlands itself and to protect its own citizens . The Netherlands is a narcostate and (organized) crime rules the cites and the countryside. It is difficult to distinghuish organized crime and the judiciary, advocacy, notary and the Dutch Ministry of Justice for example. This ministry itself finances organized crime.

The establishment, nor the government  discuss any reform of the bizarre and overpaid, privileged, overstaffed and (utterly) corrupt European Commission, the wandering European Parliament, the notorious and out of date (agricultural ) subsidy circus or the efficiency of European laws, agencies and institutions. Self-reflection is rather unpopular and commentary is un- European. Communism didnot function that differently. The Dutch establishment lies, cheats and misleads the citizens. The Dutch Prime Minsister even regards Dutch diplomats among the best of the world. It shows the fantasy world of this valet of Germany, France and the European Commission.

The country still thrives because of millions of hardworking, innovative and open minded citizens and (exporting) businesses not because of, but notwithstanding the political, media, bureaucratic and eurocratic oligarchy in The Hague, Amsterdam and Brussels. The old  establishment collaborated with the Nazi´s, the new establishment serves the new European Order and their own (financial and career) interests with a religious zeal. They pretend to be the new enlightened intellectual priests of progress, and resistance fighters of course, what their parents and grandparents were not, against easy targets only however and often subsidized by the (local) government.  They intimidate, harass, threaten and (physically and verbally) attack ordinary citizens and their ´pagan´ and ´provincial´ customs of hard work, good governance, integrity, good fatherhood, fairy tales, traditions and local history. They are silent about and accept  intolerance, discrimination, sexual, gender and ethnic segregation from others however, because resistance is too risky and not ´correct´.

The performance of former UN-bureaucrat and present Secretary of State ad interim  Kaag symbolizes this mentality of cowardice, opportunism and lack of defiance, when she ostentatively wore a scarf to please Iranian dictators, although thousands of brave Iranian women risk their lives to get rid of this symbol of oppression. Kaag also failed as bureaucrat of the UN,  made hazardous and immoral deals with Russia and Syria and ´overlooked´ the possesion of poison gas and systematic (war) crimes against humanity, in close cooperation with UN-darling Obama. The self-proclaimed legal capital of the world is silent however, like this legal capital collaborated with dictators 75 years ago. Welcome to the Netherlands.