European Regions Back to the Future

The pre-history of the historical Atlas in Europe was a long one. The history of European mapping goes back to Mesopotamia, the Greeks and Romans. Though ancient geography remained prestigious (educational) pursuits, the Bible and maps depicting the Holy land became the significant inspiration in medieval times, but mapping could not be called ‘historical’. Biblical … Read more » “European Regions Back to the Future”

The American Constitution

The Articles of the American Confederation, ratified in March 1781, gave each state so much power and independence that many political leaders believed that America needed a stronger national government. They finally produced a Constitution in 1788, more then ten years after the Declaration of independence (1776), in the same Hall of Independence in Philadelphia. … Read more » “The American Constitution”

The European Legal Heritage

The history of the European courts in Strasbourg and Luxembourg started long before their foundation after the Second World War. The legal history of Europe reveals a long common tradition of cooperation, integration and concepts of the juridical and appellate system, legal practice and legal education amidst a politically fragmented landscape. It is no exaggeration … Read more » “The European Legal Heritage”

The past and future of Europe

The future of Europe is written into its past of many  different cultures, languages, identities and above all economic, social, fiscal, political and monetary systems, traditions and cultures. A thousand years ago, Europe as we know it today did not exist. Thirty-fifty million people living between the Ural and the British isles, between Scandinavia and … Read more » “The past and future of Europe”

The Swiss go their own way and connect Europe

Long before the arrival of the Romans, Celtic and Rhetian tribes that inhabited present-day Switzerland traded with Greece, Italy and regions far beyond. They even used the Greek language in political and trade deals. The territory romanized as part of the Roman Empire from the first century AD onwards and the first mountain passes opened: the … Read more » “The Swiss go their own way and connect Europe”