Who are the Liars and Populists ?

If one wants to gain insight into the mainstream media of Switzerland, Germany or the Netherlands, one has to read the front page of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung of August, 17th. Boris Johnson is the main character, and this newspaper refers to him in the following way:” flamboyante Politiker, liebt pathetische Anspielungen”, …..Macht zu sichern. Und … Read more » “Who are the Liars and Populists ?”

The European Untouchables

The recent EU-summit was business as usual, opportunism, pacta non sunt servanda, lawlessness and above all the self-proclaimed Great Europeans on stage. Why bother about the appointment of a friend of Mrs Merkel to head the corrupt European Commission and another French politician to govern the lawless ECB? The ‘Spitzenkandidat’ was neither the outcome of … Read more » “The European Untouchables”


The EU is not just socializing debts, incomparable and incompatible systems of education, tax, social welfare, economy or monetary traditions of its member states, they call it European solidarity, brotherhood and for the sake of democracy, the old communist slogans until 1989, they also blackmail, intimidate and threaten democracies, the United Kingdom and Switzerland for … Read more » “Eurocommunism”


On 22 December 1944, the American general Anthony Clement McAuliffe (1898-1975) had enough of one word to teach the powerful German enemy, who had surrounded his troops in Bastogne, a lesson at the request for surrender: Nuts. The general assumed his own strength, confidence in the Allied (American-English) army and especially his troops. And he … Read more » “Nuts”

An Oligarchic Narcostate in the Northsea Region

The Swiss government declared after the referendum (9 February 2014), that the referendum  law must without question take effect, although only 50.3% said yes to stop unrestricted immigration from EU-countries. While there may be a certain flexibility in its application, the government cannot do anything it wants. If the citizen cannot rely on the fact that results of a vote … Read more » “An Oligarchic Narcostate in the Northsea Region”