Municipal Museum Alkmaar

Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar is one of Holland’s oldest museums It is recently modernised with a fresh front, entrance and shop and two innovative museum presentations: Victory! The Siege of Alkmaar in 1573 and Alkmaar’s Golden Age. The museum offers visitors a wide range of art and historical presentations, exhibitions and a programme of activities. Alkmaar’s civic museum also is about experiencing and discovering the art and history of the city.
The museum has a large collection of the Bergen School. After the First World War, artists in North Holland developed a heavy, dark expressionist style. Their landscapes, still lifes and portraits consisted of angular and round blocks of colour. Many of them lived in Bergen, and so the term ‘Bergen School’ came into use. Oeuvres of artists such as Leo Gestel, Dirk Filarski, Gerrit van Blaaderen, Arnout Colnot, Piet and Matthieu Wiegman, and Charley Toorop are all well represented.

Museum: Municipal Museum Alkmaar
Stadt: Alkmaar
Land: Niederlande
Adresse: Canadaplein 1