Bauhaus Museum

The Bauhaus Museum Weimar with its exhibition of more than 300 objects offers insights into the development of the State Bauhaus in the place in which it was founded, namely in Weimar. The Bauhaus, opened in April 1919 in Weimar, located in Dessau beginning in 1925 and closed down by the National Socialists in Berlin in 1933, is Germany’s most influential and successful cultural export item of the 20th century. The reputation of this interdisciplinary international school of art, architecture, design and stage enjoys worldwide timeliness today, more than 70 years after its closure.Many of the objects shown at the Bauhaus Museum uniquely illustrate the multifarious, creative and lively nature of the school’s work in Weimar. Beginning with the Manifesto and Programme of the Bauhaus, the Bauhaus masters developed an innovative teaching programme with the preliminary course given by Itten, the studies in form and colour with Klee and Kandinsky and the training in various workshops.

Museum: Bauhaus Museum
Stadt: Weimar
Land: Deutschland
Adresse: Markt 10