Bugra or Europe from 1814 to 1914

After a generation of warfare on the continent after the French Revolution of 1789 and the Napoleonic wars, peace had finally come to Europe in the summer of 1815, after the last surprise by Napoleon after his escape from Elba. The Paris Peace Treaty of November 1815 concluded the leftovers of the Congress of Vienna … Read more » “Bugra or Europe from 1814 to 1914”

In Flanders Fields

The Stefan Zweig Centre in Salzburg, Austria, organizes twelve conferences about the years preceding the First World War (August 1914-November 1918). The forthcoming conference deals with the The Great War from various perespectives. This European conflict resulted in the collapse of four Empires, the coming into being of new states, the rise of (world wide) … Read more » “In Flanders Fields”