Visualisation of Space

The Kunstmuseum in Wolfsburg is presenting a comprehensive overview of Alberto Giacometti’s mature work in Germany. Around 60 sculptures will be displayed alongside more than 30 paintings and several drawings. Giacometti’s vision of situating his figures within their own space and temporality will be realized as the exhibition architecture has been specially designed and constructed around the sculptures on display. Each of the carefully chosen works is provided with the space it requires to unfurl its true strengths. With his completely new conception of the human figure in relation to space and time, Giacometti can literally be considered the inventor of virtual space. The exhibition offers the oopportunity to vividly demonstrate Giacometti’s unbroken influence on subsequent generations of artists. A focussed selection of works which address related issues of figural depiction and space has therefore been partially integrated into the Giacometti exhibition and will also be presented in the upper galleries The Question of Space in Contemporary Art, the selection includes works by Carl Andre, Andreas Gursky, Imi Knoebel, Joseph Marioni, Bruce Nauman, James Turrell, Jeff Wall and Franz West.