Twelve Hundred years of History on Permanent Display

The Cathedral of Aachen’s present appearance has evolved over twelve hundred years of history. The Cathedral is open to visitors. One can see the Carolingian bronze doorr from about 800, the Pine coins from about 1000, the Lotharingen Madonna with child, about 1400, the octagon Carolingian core building, about 800, Our Lady of Aachen, fourteenth century, the main altar adorned with a golden alter piece, about 1020, the golden ambo, the so-called Pulpit of Emperor Henry II (Heinrich II), before 1014, the Shrine of St. Mary, about 1220, the Eagle’s stand, fifteenth century, the memorial slab for emperor Otto III, from1834, the radiant Madonna, 1524, the shrine of Charlemagne, twelfth century, and his marble throne. For nearly 600 years, from 936-1531, German kings were enthroned here. The beautiful articfacts and architectural brillance even miraculously survived warfare of the twentieth century.