The young hare

The Städel Museum presents Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528) – presumably the most important artist of the German Renaissance . The show will encompass more than 280 works, including some 200 by Dürer himself. It will feature the German master’s oeuvre in the full breadth and diversity of the artistic means of expression he employed. Panel and canvas paintings, drawings, prints made with various printmaking techniques, and books written and illustrated by Dürer will all be on view. Dürer’s on-going exploration of the works of German, Netherlandish and Italian artist colleagues will be one of the central themes of this Old Master exhibition in Frankfurt, which will place his works and their emergence in their historical context. To this end, works by forerunners, contemporaries and pupils such as Martin Schongauer, Hans Baldung Grien, Hans von Kulmbach, Jacopo de? Barbari, Giovanni Bellini, Joos van Cleve or Lucas van Leyden will enrich this major exhibition project. Through this form of contextualization, light will be shed not only on the artistic quality of Dürer’s oeuvre and the particular creative power it radiates, but also on the decisive contribution he made to the emergence of Northern European Renaissance.