The Vikings

They were ravening pirates, accomplished merchants, brilliant ship builders, daring explorers, simple farmers, imaginative craftsmen, unscrupulous mercenaries and heroic warriors. Our concept of the Vikings is inconsistent and burdened with too many myths, even today. The Historical Museum of the Platinate exhibits the way in which a Viking ship was built, the different environments in which the Vikings lived, and stride down a lane occupied by the craftsmen of the Viking era. About 300 objects–among them, precious jewellery, runestones, weapons, silver treasures, coins, parts of ships, rare evidence of Christianity and much more–were lent by museums, collections, and institutes in Scandinavia as well as from those other regions with which the Vikings were in contact. The exhibition takes into account the latest research findings. Discoveries from meaningful excavations of settlements, as well as from the field of experimental archaeology, such as the latest voyages on reconstructed Viking ships, are included in the exhibition. At the same time, the production, which covers over 1200 m2, provides an experience for the entire family. Lavish staging, reconstructions, touchable objects, as well as the introduction of new media contribute to an all-encompassing experience of the Norsemen’s culture and the reality of their lives.