The Swedish Impressionist-businessman

The Swedish artist Anders Zorn (1860-) , can look back on a remarkable international career. His works purchased by renowned museums, the countless awards he received, as well as his membership in various foreign academies testify to the high regard that Zorn enjoyed at that time throughout Europe, Russia and the USA. The Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus Lübeck provides a show with 100 first-class pieces from all of his creative periods, the exhibition will offer a comprehensive insight into Zorns highly varied oeuvre, both in terms of his subject-matter as well as his technique. The works on display will include Nordic landscapes, observations of everyday life in Swedish villages and European metropolises, selected portraits, as indeed his famous nudes painted outdoors in nature. Zorns shimmering watercolours, and especially his impressive ocean studies, his oil paintings with brushstrokes as delicate as they are powerful, as well as his dexterously hatched etchings not only fascinated his contemporaries but continue to impress right up to the present day, thanks to the virtuosity of their craftsmanship. During his lifetime, Zorns relaxed, fresh style of painting was a source of inspiration to the younger generation of artists. From todays perspective, his cosmopolitan demeanour and the international marketing strategies utilised by Zorn to establish himself in Europe and the USA as a much sought-after star painter can only be regarded as amazing. Yet that too was Zorn: An enterprising businessman when it came to his own art, one of the first global players of the Modern Age.