The Return of Ten Prophets after 700 Years

Following extensive renovation work, the Augustiner Museum in Freiburg will reopened its doors, presenting artistic highlights dating from the Middle Ages through to the nineteenth century. The redesigned museum with its impressive architecture, the work of Christoph Mäckler, offers unexpected views and scenes: balconies, galleries and footbridges, alcoves and windows. Prophets, mythical figures, saints and deadly sins all await visitors to the sculpture hall. The centre of this room is reserved for the original stone figures of Freiburg cathedral, on loan from the Archiepiscopal Diocesan Museum. Panel paintings and wooden sculptures frame both the hall on the ground floor and the upper floor gallery. Works by Matthias Grünewald, Lucas Cranach the Elder and Hans Baldung Grien are also to be found here. Medieval glass paintings from Freiburg cathedral are presented on two floors. In the chancel of the former monastery church, baroque sculptures, altars, paintings and small figures are displayed to their full effect. Nineteenth century paintings are collected together on the top floor. These include works by artists such as Franz Xaver Winterhalter, Hans Thoma, Anselm Feuerbach.