The Renaissance Mass Production of Art

The Museo d’Arte Mediovale e Moderna in Arezzo continues to celebrate the great personalities born in this city. This time the protagonists are the members of the Della Robbia family who, for three generations beginning in 1400, raised ceramics to the level of its sister arts and above all to mass production. The exhibition intends to show the multifaceted and fascinating story of the “robbiana” glazed earthenware in the Renaissance – from the enigmatic reasons of Luca Della Robbia’s ingenious invention to the extraordinary progress of this “new, useful and beautiful art” in the activity of Della Robbia family and of The Buglioni’s competitive workshop- but above all it intends to underline, for the first time in an exhibition, the close dialogue between the arts. Sculpture, painting, architecture and decorative arts compare themselves in a fascinating route, which lets visitors admiring the works of the most important exponents of Renaissance, such as Donatello, Ghiberti, Andrea del Verrocchio, Rossellino, Pisanello, Filippo Lippi, Pollaiolo, Ghirlandaio Perugino, Lorenzo di Credi, Leonardo, Frà Bartolomeo, Domenico Veneziano, Frà Carnevale, Sansovino, as well as the Della Robbia’s masterpieces by running through again a century of Italian history of art and the fervent atmosphere of the Renaissance Tuscany. Therefore, this is an ambitious and totally new exhibition which will surely allow visitors to reinterpret and gain a deeper understanding into the meaning and the value of an extraordinary art of which there are still many important examples in the Province of Arezzo.