The Race To Reach the Poles

Race to the End of the Earth recounts one of the most stirring tales in the annals of Antarctic exploration, the contest to reach the South Pole. This exhibition focuses on the challenges that the two leaders — Roald Amundsen on the Norwegian side and Robert Falcon Scott on the Britishs side challenge. The present race between Russia, Canada, Denmark, Norway and the USA, is less romantic and directed towards the North Pole. T side and Robert Falcon Scott on the Britishhe exhibition vividly re-creates, through dioramas and period detail, how Amundsen and Scott prepared for their polar journeys. Nutrition, human endurance, equipment, logistics, and Antarctica’s extreme weather were among the many factors that each team had to evaluate, often with far too little information to avoid tragedy and ensure triumph. The exhibition also spotlights modern science in the Antarctic and its potential. Photographs, paintings, and rare historical artefacts from these expeditions place visitors in the midst of Antarctic exploration and research at the dawn of the last century. Highlights include clothing and equipment used by both crews during their journeys.