The Princely Collection of Liechtenstein

Art lovers and patrons since the 16th century, the Princes of Liechtenstein have amassed one of the largest private art collections in Europe. Primarily dedicated to Western art, from the Renaissance to the late 18th century, the Princely Collections include paintings (approximately 1,700), sculptures, drawings, engravings, furniture, books and precious objects. The collection was started in the 17th century, inspired by the ideals of princely patronage of the arts, characteristic of the Baroque period, ideals which the family continue to promote today. If the majority of the Princely Collections is to be found in Vaduz, a selection is nevertheless accessible to the public in some of the other family residences, notably in Vienna: the Liechtenstein City Palace (with its neoclassical and Biedermeier style) and the Liechtenstein Garden Palace (with its Renaissance and Baroque influences).