The Presentation of a Leader

The Acropolis Museum in Athens is presenting the exhibition entitled “Pericles, Son of Xanthippos”. This is a new type of exhibition introduced by the Museum: small ‘vignette’ exhibitions that build on the permanent collection and give visitors the opportunity to place exhibits of the permanent collection in a richer context. More than any other Greek museum, the Acropolis Museum displays exhibits that are directly related to historic leaders of an era that saw major political developments and craftsmanship. The famous Parthenon sculptures exhibited on the Museum third floor are undoubtfully a ‘product’ of the political program of Pericles and Pheidias’ craftsmanship. The exhibition presents significant archaeological exhibits, inscriptions, ancient coins and other historical exhibits, offering visitors valuable additional knowledge about the personality of Pericles, who envisaged both the ideal citizen of the Athenian Democracy and the classical buildings of the Acropolis.