The Founders of the Red Cross in the Spotlight

Henry Dunant and Gustave Moynier are two of the central figures in the foundation of the Red Cross. Although Henry Dunant has become known worldwide for his humanitarian efforts, Gustave Moynier does not enjoy the same recognition today, even though he played a key role in the development of the Red Cross in the first 40 years of its existence. As coincidence would have it, both Dunant and Moynier died in the same year, 1910. One hundred years after their passing, an exhibition by the Dunant-Mournier Association honouring the two men portrays the parallels between their life stories, which, although overlapping in many ways, also saw a certain degree of rivalry. Both men displayed remarkable dedication to their efforts, from childhood right into their old age. Spurred by the same philanthropic ideal, they spearheaded numerous initiatives, engendering a spirit that continues to shape the world we live in today.