The Adventure of Reality

The Kunsthal in Rotterdam presents an extensive exhibition on realist art. Over one hundred and fifty paintings, sculptures, photographs and video works shed light on the wealth and diversity of realist art from 1850 up to now. This underlying layer of realist art binds together artists of different periods in realism, despite the immense diversity of subjects and chosen media. By pointing out the connections between artists from different periods in realism the exhibition is a true ‘Adventure of Reality’. The impressive survey contains work by numerous internationally renowned artists like Jean-François Millet, Walker Evans, Edward Hopper, Richard Estes, Duane Hanson and Thomas Ruff. On top of that, the work of a number of leading Dutch artists is presented, amongst whom Carel Willink, Rineke Dijkstra, Jan Worst and Aernout Mik. The exhibition puts realist art in a new perspective. It shows us the fact that, behind the technical refinement and virtuosity of realist art, the artist often wants to bring a message about, to tell a story. The exhibition offers a surprising survey of realist art, in which still life’s, portraits and landscapes are grouped together.