Signac on the Waterfront

The Fondation shows a collection of works by Paul Signac (1863-1935) in the exhibition ‘Signac au fil de l’eau’.  Almost 140 oil paintings, watercolours and drawings will illustrate the prolific career of this neo-Impressionist master. It nearly offers a complete panorama of Signac’s artistic development, from his early Impressionist paintings through the years of neo-Impressionism, the dazzle of Saint Tropez and flamboyant portrayals of Venice, Rotterdam and Constantinople to the late watercolours of the Ports of France series. The collection is also exceptional for the diversity of techniques on display, juxtaposing the Impressionist ardour of the studies from nature with the limpid polychromy of the pointillist paintings and the bold Japonism of the watercolours with the freedom of the plein air works.