Romanesque carving and painting

Two exhibitions dealing with Romanesque art. One concerns the Carving of Saint John the Evangelist. The Carving occupies a privileged position in the wooden Romanesque carving of Catalonia, even though its exact provenance still remains a mystery. It probably formed part of a larger group or else of a piece of liturgical furniture. In terms of style it belongs to the set of sculptures from the Western Catalan Pyrenees, included in what has come to be designated the Taller d’Erill (Erill Atelier), which dates back to the twelfth century. Thanks to meticulous analysis and a scrupulous restoration process, it has been possible to recover the piece and obtain information on its material and technical components, such as the pear-tree wood from which it was sculpted.
The other shows the unpublished drawings that America Sanchez has realized from the collection of Romanesque art of the museum. The result is a set of portraits of the prominent figures who appear in the Romanesque paintings. A contemporary look of the art produced almost 1.000 years ago.