Porcelain and the Modern World of Mass Society

The exhibition staged in the European Industrial Museum for Porcelain in Selb introduces porcelain into the modern world of mass society, with beautifully designed porcelain, once the preserve of kings and princes, now becoming accessible to everyone. The porcelain on show is made by design icons such as Wilhelm Wagenfeld and Walter Gropius, together with lifestyle products by famous names such as Versace. Examples of work featuring porcelain as an architectural element are also on display – typically, in modern wellness and bathroom applications. Sculptures by famous artists such as Jeff Koons show porcelain as a material used in avant-garde art. Europe’s universities and academies show us the tasks porcelain might adopt in the years to come. Interviews held with a broad selection of people from all over Europe and a filmography reflect our thoughts on the future of porcelain and show just what it means to us. The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the German Porcelain Museum in Hohenberg a.d. Eger.