Pergamon: Back to the Past

The Pergamon Museum presents the first major exhibition dedicated entirely to the ancient city of Pergamon. The city, situated on the west coast of Turkey, famous for its impressive monumental structures, its sculpture workshops, its important library and school of philosophers, was a flourishing centre of Greek art and culture in the Hellenistic period. The Pergamenian kings ruled over great parts of Asia Minor and exerted considerable power in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Many exhibits, never seen before, from the Collection of Classical Antiquities in Berlin will go on show in the north wing of the Pergamonmuseum. Ancient sculptures, architectural elements, mosaics, tools, musical instruments, votive offerings and technical devices all reveal something of the city’s art and culture. In addition, countless drawings, paintings, photographs and archive records will serve to document the fascinating history of the discovery of artefacts and early research activity on the excavation sites. A special section will be dedicated in the show to the impact that Pergamenian art, and the famous Pergamon Altar in particular, had on art and literature at the turn of the last century. Accompanying the museum’s exhibition, the newly designed monumental 360° panoramic view of the ancient city, will be on display in the museum’s forecourt. The photorealistic panoramic view brings the ancient culture, architecture and public goings-on in an ancient Greek-Roman city to life. Audio impressions including day and night simulations, complete with sunrise and sunset, and ambient sound effects that recreate life in an ancient city, allow the visitor to experience a whole day in Pergamon and takes visitors back to the past.