Mobility in the Ninetheenth Century: Art Meets Technology

The Museum of nineteenth century Art and Technology in Baden-Baden organizes the exhibition “Travel – A Century in Motion”. In addition to items relating to technical achievements in the field of mobility, it also shows aspects of the practical side of travel. The nineteenth century was already in a position to offer a wide range of touristic attractions, including organized tours and camel rides in front of the pyramides. Automobiles, motorcycles, coaches, bicycles, ships and other means of transport were the practical possibilities of the time. Artists, whether photographers, painters or the first filmers testify to the various artists’ involvement in the age of new technologies. These works of art intended to give those who stayed at home an impression of distant places and the optical apparatuses for dioramas, folding panoramas and travel games fostered the desire to visit unknown places and explore the new. The new museum of nineteenth century Art and Technology is devoted to the powerful interchanges between art and technology in this century, highlighted in six-monthly thematic exhibitions.