Merovingian Queens

From no other dynasty of the kingdoms of the Germanic ‘barbarians’ do we know so much about queens, concubines and princesses, as those of the Merovingians. In an age dominated by warriors and the clergy, queens were able to achieve an unusual status and make an impression on spiritual life. Three of these queens from the 6th and 7th centuries AD have gathered in the Museum Frankfurt. Wisigarde († ca. 540), Arnegunde († ca. 580) and Balthilde († 680) from the Lombard, Frankish and Anglo-Saxon nobility. The museum presents their sumptuous treasures from the regal burial sites beneath the cathedrals of Cologne and Saint-Denis and the abbey church of Notre-Dame in Chelles. The ladies are joined by two small upper-class children from the early 8th century, from the mysterious double grave beneath Frankfurt cathedral. The main features of the exhibition are the art of precious items, textiles and clothing as well as the traditions surrounding church burials. In this way, these outstanding women, their personalities and their fate are brought back to life.