Masterpieces from one of Denmark’s oldest cities

The Hirschsprung Collection has been given a unique opportunity to show an exhibition of the best works from Ribe Kunstmuseum. Ribe, one of the oldest cities of Denmark and a former ‘capital’ during the Viking era, is worth a visit itself. The exhibition consists of about 60 paintings and sculptures ranging from the Danish Golden Age to the Skagen painters. It is thus a presentation of one of the country’s finest collections of older Danish art to the Danish public. Major works by artists like Eckersberg, Købke, Ancher, Zahrtmann and Ring will be featured. On arrival at The Hirschsprung Collection visitors will be greeted by Ribe Kunstmuseum’s largest work, Michael Ancher’s A Christening, 1883-88. The other paintings that the museum has on loan will be shown in a salon hanging in the museum’s Garden Room. A folder for the exhibition points out some of the many fascinating interconnections and dialogues that can be established between the works from Ribe and the Hirschsprung, two collections that are closely related.