Italian Masters in Liechtenstein

The Lindenau-Museum at Altenburg harbors a barely known treasure. The museum has an most important collection of early Italian paintings of the 13th– 16th centuries. Bernhard The collection focuses on the art centres of Florence and Siena. The museum at Vaduz presents 27 panels particularly painted in Florence, Siena und Umbria, among them by Lippo Memmi, Giovanni di Paolo, Sano di Pietro, Giovanni Santi (father of Raphael), Marco Zoppo, Luca Signorelli and Giovanni di Francesco Ciambella known as Il Fantasia who simultaneously painted as Raphael in Perugia and there are also links to the early images of the Madonna painted by Raphael. The veneration of Mary experienced a peak during the 13th and 16th centuries in the West. Many churches were dedicated to Mary and were decorated with sculptures of Mary. This intensive Marian veneration was also expressed by Western imagery, and led to the first remarkable blossoming of painting above all in Tuscany, Umbria and Upper Italy. Some of the most captiving paintings of Mary with the Infant Jesus were created. Mary with the Infant Jesus. Some paintings depict other scenes which illustr