Gallo-Roman Mural Paintings

The Archeological Museum’s collection of Gallo-Roman mural paintings are on show. The collection has been part of a wide – spread campaign of study, analysis and restoration. This work involved reexamining the entire collection of mural paintings restored during the 20th Century at the Archeological Museum, and after iconographic and detailed technical study, bringing them up to date according to innovative norms of restoration and preventive conservation. The exhibition focuses on the valorization of the successive and technical steps of restoration set in place and takes stock of recent scientific studies. The specific iconography of Strasbourg’s frescos is highlighted, given its strategic position as a border frontier of the Empire and its themes of Roman Imperial propaganda in relation to the setting of the founding myths of Rome. Materials and pigments utilized will be tackled in a pedagogical manner in order to shed light on the techniques observed by ancient fresco painters.