Figure Paintings by a Landscape Painter

The presentation in the Oskar Reinhart Collection In Winterthur concentrates on the works by Camille Corot (1796-1875). In the center of the display is «Reading girl» from the large and important group of works by Corot in the Collection . This outstanding painting will be placed in an ensemble of selected key works from national and international collections and museums. This context is evident by the anchoring of the reading theme within the Corot’s figure paintings. At the same time, a representative overview of this specific branch of this artist is offered. Corot himself had always referred to as a landscape painter. Art critics underrated his work as a figure painter for a long time. They dubbed his human figures as “Armoire secrète,” as a secret cabinet that should be opened only to a few friends. Nevertheless, there is sufficient evidence for this strong passion of the landscape painter.